Scrappy Flying Geese

February 1, 2018
I’ve always thought of Flying Geese as a border application in traditional quilts; something to be added later. I have been playing with geese lately and came up with a scrappy modern twist.
Recently I bought an Accuquilt Go! Big and it came with a die for cutting flying geese. After a few test runs with some scraps, I kind of, sort of, got a bit carried away. The little scrappy geese units I was making, looked like candy to me. So after a few Pinterest inspirational searches, I decided that I liked how they looked grouped together by similar background/corner unit colors. I used a white Kona for the negative space and quilted it with 100 wt Microquilter thread from Superior with 80/20 Hobbs batting. I quilted some ghost geese blocks and a lot of free hand fillers, trying to keep each section a little different, but still having a similar feel for the texture.

This turned out to be a gift for my son’s fiance, even though I really wanted to keep it for myself!

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Ruth’s Quilt

January 24, 2018

My neighbor Ruth is an incredibly generous and kind person.  She loves my dog as her own.  I’ve recently been recovering from a serious injury and Ruth took care of my dog, Bailey.  She brought her along when she walked her dog.  She played with her, brought her toys and treats.  She would come over get her and take her over to her house while she was out working in her yard.  There was even a gift bag tied to my fence with birthday presents for Bailey!

Bailey WM

Here’s Bailey!  Any excuse to add a picture of my dog, lol!

Anyway, like I was saying…. Ruth went above and beyond her neighborly obligations to take care of my beloved Bailey.  So, I wanted to do something special for her.  Ruth is a person who appreciated home made items.  She’s also been know to make a quilt or two.  So, during my recovery, I made Ruth a half square triangle quilt using the pattern (and some of the quilting ideas) from  I saw Kathy Schwartz’s quilt on Pinterest and loved it.  I had been wanting to make one, so this was a perfect opportunity.  Once I had it on the Gammill,  I took the opportunity to use all the negative space as kind of a sampler to use different quilting designs.

For Ruth’s quilt, I used Moda’s Hometown Girl charm packs, and the cream Fabric is PB Textile’s Apple Cider.  It was quilted with Superior So Fine and I used Hobb’s 80/20 batting.

I did finally get the quilt to Ruth, who was stunned that I made it for her.  She was touched and it made her tear up.  She just kept saying that she would have taken care of Bailey anyways.  I’m so thankful to Ruth, I just wanted to show it.

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Mini Whole Cloth Quilt


I recently took Lisa Calle’s Mastering the Mini Wholeloth Designs online class through www.  What a wonderful resource it was.  I’ve taken a few classes through iquilt and I have to say she is one of my favorite instructors.   For those of you not familiar, iquilt is a collection of online classes specifically for quilting sponsored by Bernina.  I have tried Craftsy, but iquilt has more classes that I happen to be interested in.  I often wait for the sale and then sign up.  AQS members get a discounted price.  Who doesn’t love a discount right?

I’ve included a picture of my sample mini wholecloth using the techniques from the class.  I have to say I’m a total sucker for white whole cloth quilts.


mini whole cloth WM

It was made using white Kona cotton, 2 layers of Hobbs 80/20 batting,  and quilted with Superior’s  Microquilter 100 wt. thread.  The finished piece is just under 12 inches by 12 inches. Very fun project and I hope to expand the technique to larger pieces.

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Quilts of Valor

10 October 2017

What kinds of charities do you create for? I’ve mentioned that I’ve recently signed up as a member of Quilts of Valor through my favorite quilt shop, which happens to be an official QOV shop.   Since my niece signed up as well, she brought all her red, white, and blue fabrics over to my house to cut.  I pulled out my patriotic stash and we got to work.   We sat at the dining room table and cut blocks for scrappy red, white, and blue quilts while we drank gallons of coffee.

We cut square and rectangle blocks into sizes with a finished 6″  square block in mind.  We started with 6.5 inch square to begin, then down to 3.5, 2.5 and 1.5 inches depending on the scraps, thinking we can combine those sizes easily to make a finished 6 inch block.   Once we were finally finished,  we divided up the stash of cut squares evenly between the 2 of us, by size and color.

Weeks later, I stared chaining those smaller blocks to make bigger blocks to get them ready.  So… my niece was kind enough to bring me her stash as well, under the guise that she didn’t want me to be bored, while I was home recovering from an injury  Right!   Funny girl!

So far, I’ve got 2 started and they are in need of borders.   I’m thinking some flying geese might be just the ticket…

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On a roll…jelly that is!

September 4, 2017

Don’t you just love a quick, easy, and fun project?  I recently had some of my favorite peeps over for a jelly roll race.  My niece had given my sister (her mom) a jelly roll for her birthday.  This sparked an idea for a jelly roll race.  So we had a mini quilt retreat at my house.  We quickly got to work and sewed our little hearts out.  I decided to go ahead and insert 2.5 inch squares in between my strips, so naturally I had to sew end to end.  But I really do like the the diagonal lines when sewn corner to corner on the 45.  We followed the directions on the Missouri Star Quilt Company’s YouTube video.  So after gallons of coffee and yummy treats, we had some gorgeous quilt tops.  We even had a new quilter in the group and she was able to complete her top beautifully!

My quilt top was completed using 1 Patio Splash jelly roll from Benartex and 2.5 inch squares of an orange batik from my stash.  I attempted to put a square after each strip.   I quilted it on my Gammill using 80/20 Hobbs batting and a neon variegated Omni thread.  The pantograph was a brand new one for me and I really love it.  The bright cheery tropical colors just make me smile when I look at this quilt.  I think there may be more jelly roll races in my future.

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