Making side leaders for the longarm

December 28, 2016

While attempting to do ruler work on a charity quilt, I decided the velcro straps with the heavy clamps on the sides of my Gammill were just too heavy and floppy.  I seemed to have too much movement, especially as I quilted close to the edge of a quilt.  After a few Youtube videos, I decided that Sharon Schamber’s idea of adding side leaders may help stabilize everything.  So, I raided my stash and found some heavy denim (non-stretch) and took a few measurements.  My leaders are a little different than those in the video, but the idea is the same.

I measured out 2 rectangles approximately 21.5 inches by 14 inches.  These measurements are based on the size of my machine and well, the piece of fabric  I had.  Kind of pragmatic!

Next I serged the shorter ends to finish the edges.  A narrow hem would work really well also.


After finishing the edge, I folded the pieces lengthwise (hotdog style) and stitched a 1.omm seam.


Now, off to press the seam on the sleeve roll, then press the whole tube with the seam at one edge.  The edge with the seam allowance is where I attach the clamps.  The other edge I pin to the sides of the quilt backing.

I considered adding a pocket to put a dowel in, but I think I will try this for now.  If I need it later I can always go back and stitch it.


All pressed and starched, ready to give ’em a try.  I’ll let you know how it goes.




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