Running Old Quilting and Embroidery Software on a Windows 10 Computer

January 7, 2017

Windows 10….love it or hate it, it’s here to stay!  I have been able to use my outdated Husqvarna 3D embroidery software and E6 quilting software on this system despite the incompatibility.  Curious?   Just wait…I’m getting to it.

Years ago I bought a very pricey embroidery software suite from Husqvarna Viking to  create and edit designs and save to disks that work in my Designer One sewing and embroidery machine.  Husqvarna Viking is very proprietary with their products, and no other software could save in the file format that the D1 used.  This software ran on Windows XP or Vista with a patch for the dongle.  Niche market…high price.

Enter Windows 7…uh oh, not compatible.  My super duper IT husband to the rescue.  He had a fix.  He installed software called Virtual Machine Ware on a portion of my hard drive.  That part of my hard drive now functioned as it’s own computer.   Then he installed a licensed copy of Windows XP that he still had, but was not using.  I then installed my embroidery software and IT RAN as it should.  I used my previous laptop like this for years.  I would just click on the VMware icon and open it up, then select my software and get to work.

Fast forward to Windows 10…while my programmer son was home over Christmas, I tasked him with setting up my virtual machine and installing XP (plus all the service packs) on my new-ish Windows 10 laptop.  I then installed the embroidery software and  Electric Quilt 6.  They both work smoothly and as they should.  I sat with him for part of the installation, it is quite simple, follow the prompts. FYI, he set aside 40 gigs  of storage, for the virtual machine to run both programs and store embroidery files.

I did read some of their help files to use the tools and they were straight forward and very easy to follow.

VMware’s latest product is called VMWorkstation 12 Player, which has some handy tools that allows you to move files between operating systems easily.  The best part about it is that this software is FREE, if you are not a business.   So check it out and save your investment!

Aren’t those folks at just the very best!!!!

Happy quilting!




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